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Illustration by Heather Rose


“Hiram Clawson had just come home from a day at the Santa Cruz County Fair with his family when he noticed an email from his colleague Jim Kent, which read, “We need to start working on this right now, we need to start working on Ebola.”

New Student Loan for Undocumented Students



Illustration by Sophia Huang


“The California DREAM Loan Act, or Senate Bill 1210, is supported by the UC and CSU systems and is anticipated to aid 1,500 students within the first year it goes into effect. Those numbers are set to increase to about 1,800 by 2018-19.”

Black Students Protest Systematic Killings



Photo by Camille Carillo


“Student demonstrators lay on the ground in Quarry Plaza [at UC Santa Cruz] for four and a half hours — the amount of time Michael Brown was left on the street after being shot by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson — to protest the systematic killings of black people in the U.S.”

Anita Hill Speaks of Equality and ‘The Change That We Need’



Photo by Camille Carillo


“A roaring round of applause welcomed to the podium the attorney and professor who put the issue of sexual harassment on the national agenda.”

A Century of Denial



Photo by Casey Amaral


“With duct tape covering their mouths and the word “DENIAL” scrawled across in red, more than a dozen Armenian Students Association (ASA) members staged a “die-in” in Quarry Plaza.”

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